Leading a Fundraising Program

Cross-channel fundraising integration is a daily practice, not a lofty buzz word.


The rationale is simple: integrated programs outperform siloed programs. To help you get more donors – and donors who give more money – we’ve perfected the art of integrating fundraising campaigns and programs. Every element – strategies, creative, analytics – is built from the ground up to work in concert with your team and mission. The result? A unified donor journey that reaches audiences and transforms them into loyal supporters.


Data-driven everything.

Every Concord Direct program and campaign is grounded in hard data and analytics. This approach lets you know with mathematical precision how to fine tune your program to meet your objectives. Looking at your giving history, our Concord Direct Index will show you growth projection for any level of investment you’re considering. Through our Donor Driven Design process, we even bring statistical modeling to campaign elements like imagery and copy versions. Even our campaign creative is grounded in neuroscience.

Customized programs become an extension of your team.

We know that every direct response fundraising program is unique – the people you serve, the team you work with, the challenges you face. While some agencies will try to fit your program into one of their cookie-cutter solutions, we build a program for you from the

ground up, perfectly supporting your work in all the right ways. With solutions customized to your unique objectives, we can provide every service you need – or only the ones you want.

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