Engaging Your Audience

The right audience comes standard with our services.


Finding, reaching, engaging, and converting the right audience is a major component of any direct response fundraising campaign, and we take the responsibility seriously. The right audience can mean the difference between amazing results and just keeping up with last year. It’s also a difference each one of your constituents will feel when your organization has the resources to reach out and engage them.


Let the data be your guide.

With our advanced artificial intelligence computer modeling, we can identify the most efficient audience for you to cultivate, in any channel. Online or offline, our skilled strategists and data partners can identify the audience that will engage with your mission and help grow your organization.

Our communications strategies reach beyond donors.

For organizations trying to reach more of the people they serve, our programs can find them and draw them into your mission. Whether you need more advocates, activists, or members of a community, our network mapping and

geo-location programs can identify the audience, while our award-winning creative binds their hearts to your organization.

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