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Understanding what inspires your donors to give is the key to unlocking greater returns. The emotional drivers and language cues that work for one set of donors can fall flat with another. Generating creative fundraising ideas for nonprofits that drive results requires peering into your organization’s data to figure out what truly resonates with your organization’s audience, then crafting your communications around the messages that motivate them to give.

We use the most effective testing procedures, from audience interviews and A/B testing to Donor Driven Design (powered by DonorVoice), to provide you with accurate predictions about which creative executions will deliver the greatest impact – before you kick off a full fundraising campaign rollout. Or, if you have a direct mail campaign piece that isn’t performing as well as expected, our insightful Creative Package Review services can shed new light on exactly why it’s underperforming – and determine what you can do to fix it.

Creative Package Review

Sometimes, campaigns just need a little CPR (you know, “Creative Package Review”). Do you have an email or direct mail campaign that isn’t performing as it should? We’ll give you our opinion on how to fix it – free. Why? Because we love helping nonprofits.

Send us a PDF of your creative and we’ll get to work. We’ll ask you some additional questions about costs, audience, performance, delivery timing, messaging and more. We’ll evaluate your goals and your current campaign, then send you a 1-pager outlining what’s causing the poor performance, along with our suggestions for fixing it.

There’s no obligation for you to work with us, but we hope you’ll take the information and put it to good use. Our experience in direct marketing for nonprofits has shown us what works and why, and our Creative Package Review brings this benefit to you.

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A creative process that works for you.

Partner with a creative nonprofit marketing agency that takes the time to get to know your organization personally and continues to learn what works, so that we can build creative "best practices" for your unique program and donor file. Our comprehensive creative process is based on deriving the most impact from the unique relationship between your organization and your donors to stretch your marketing dollars further.



Are your past and current marketing efforts delivering maximum impact? By taking a thorough, multi-channel review and assessment of your past marketing materials, we help you uncover opportunities to drive deeper engagement.



Stand out in the mailbox or on the screen with campaigns developed by experts who are constantly applying insights that serve organization’s objectives. Our team of visual artists ensures that your message looks compelling and matches your mission.

  • Market trends
  • Format options
  • Art resourcing

Concept Development


Get your audience’s attention with innovative creative that generates the most bang for your budget and supports the direction of your overall communications.

  • Creative strategy
  • Project budget
  • Campaign brief

Design & Copywriting


Incite donors to get involved with impact-oriented designs. Arresting imagery and compelling copy perfectly capture your creative strategy and drive engagement that meets your fundraising objectives. Expert creative direction turns every initiative into an unforgettable campaign.

  • Art acquisition
  • Copywriting
  • Layout & composition

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