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Direct marketing for nonprofits just got a lot more powerful.

When budgets and staff are stretched, your campaigns are under pressure to deliver. You need results-focused tactics that increase your return on investment. With our low-risk, plug-in programs, you get an ultra-efficient, customized solution to your unique challenge.

Concord Direct Index (CDI)

Take a deep dive into your organization’s data to see where your marketing dollars generate the most influence. We measure the health of your data file, examining donor data for the past five years, then analyze trends based on 42 specific characteristics, including where donors came from, how much you spent to acquire them, and how they’re performing.

The Concord Direct Index (CDI) lets you know your true ROI on different campaigns, different segments, and different acquisition channels, including retention rates and average gift size. More importantly, it shows the direction your development is headed, what’s causing it, and where you should act to influence it. We use this information to determine where your campaigns should focus to make sure they’re most effective.

Finally, the CDI provides data-rich models for predictions five years into the future. These “good/better/best” scenarios outline specific outcomes based on various levels of investment. You’ll know exactly where your campaigns are headed, five years before you get there.

How does the Concord Direct Index help your organization?

  • Creates accountability
  • Generates measurable outcomes
  • Establishes a trajectory for future success

Donor Driven Design

Donor Driven Design connects statistical predictability to donor preferences that were previously considered too subjective to measure.

We start by deconstructing your proposed package into its core elements, including letter/message, images, premium, insert, and reply card. Then we develop multiple creative versions that are different enough to give you a clear read on preference and direction. Using a comparison grid, we concisely organize the versions of your package elements, then combine different versions of each element to assemble various packages for testing.

Using conjoint analysis software and a team of experts in direct marketing for nonprofits, we can clearly identify which elements (letter, image, reply device, etc.) carry the most “weight” with respondents. From there, we help you create a “super package” filled with messaging that has been statistically proven to resonate with your donors.

Why trust Donor Driven Design?

  • Develop packages based on statistically-sound principles
  • Learn which elements of your package are most influential
  • Receive valuable feedback from donors, in real time
  • See overall improved success rates for packages

Interested in learning more about how Donor Driven Design works and how it can help your organization?

Integrated Donor Acquisition

Tired of trying to grow your donor list and not getting anywhere? We’ll help you figure out who your best prospects are and how to attract – and keep – their attention.

We take a close look at your goals: How quickly are you trying to increase the number of people you acquire? Which is the higher priority, meeting a dollar goal or a set number of new donors? How are you acquiring names and through which channels? How cost-effective is all this?

From here, we help you determine if you need more of the same donors or should be looking toward a different segment.

Then, we build a roadmap showing which acquisition channels are best for your objectives, attaching real numbers so you’re not left guessing.

In plain English: we show you that if you want $$$ in revenue, you’ll need to find ## more donors through XX channels, and it will cost you $$.

Why Use Concord Direct for New Donor Acquisition?

  • Attract the right prospects
  • Accurately plan your spend
  • Know exactly what it costs to acquire a new donor

Creative Package Review

Sometimes, campaigns just need a little CPR (you know, “Creative Package Review”). Do you have an email or direct mail campaign that isn’t performing as it should? We’ll give you our opinion on how to fix it – free. Why? Because we love helping nonprofits.

Send us a PDF of your creative and we’ll get to work. We’ll ask you some additional questions about costs, audience, performance, delivery timing, messaging and more. We’ll evaluate your goals and your current campaign, then send you a 1-pager outlining what’s causing the poor performance, along with our suggestions for fixing it.

There’s no obligation for you to work with us, but we hope you’ll take the information and put it to good use. Our experience in direct marketing for nonprofits has shown us what works and why, and our Creative Package Review brings this benefit to you.

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