New Team Members Join Concord Direct

We have a few new team members that have been with us for a short while that we’d like to introduce!  Each of these individuals bring with them an impressive set of skills that translate into success for our clients.

Alyssa Smith, account coordinator, carries quite the arsenal of marketing experience to help her produce results and create solutions for clients. She calls Knoxville, Tennessee home and enjoys reading and DIY house projects. She never passes on the opportunity to take her two beagles and cat (yes, you read that right!) out on walks.

Grace Dalmolin joins our team as Account Director. She loves spending time with her 3-year-old son playing monster trucks or reading a wide range of literature like biographies, thrillers, historical fiction, or science fiction. She also can’t get enough of traveling to new places and has already been to 15 countries! If you ask her what part of the job she’s most passionate about, she’ll say building engaging relationships with clients and figuring out the best ways to reach their goals.

Marley Bunnel is a familiar face at Concord Direct. Marley’s been a contractor for the past few months, but she’s recently become our Account Coordinator. She enjoys developing systems that make people’s lives easier, like optimizing time, reducing anxiety, and supporting innovation (lucky us!) She believes the key to success starts with a warm beverage, dual monitors, and a good book.

Please help us welcome these new additions. We’re excited to add their expertise to our ranks and look forward to their blend of insight, skills, and experience to help generate results for our clients.