Concord Direct Team Grows with Passionate and Talented Team Members

Please help us welcome the newest members of the Concord Direct team! We’re thrilled to have their skills on board with us and know they’re going to help bring big results for our clients.

Claire Bryan

Claire has always had a desire to help nonprofits. She volunteers with multiple organizations because she believes in the good they can do in the world. Now she’s happy to put her strategic planning and communication skills to work for Concord Direct’s clients as Account Coordinator. “I’m excited at the opportunity I have to use my professional strengths to create a positive impact at Concord Direct and the nonprofits we work with,” says Claire. In addition to building meaningful relationships with clients, Claire loves learning about and implementing sustainable living, hiking, painting, and cuddling up with her four “furbabies”.

Darian Dubots

With a knack for pinpointing problems, Darian loves a good challenge and can easily develop solutions that keep processes running smoothly. She’s passionate about applying her coordinating and planning skills to nonprofits that make a difference in the community. She also knows that impact comes through fundraising and increased awareness of their missions. Darian is all too excited to be an Account Director here at Concord Direct where she can help those nonprofits achieve their fullest potential.  Her love of challenges applies to the outdoors as well. She’s backpacked and camped in many places in the western United States, including Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. But of course, she doesn’t mind the occasional lazy Sunday afternoon spent on a Netflix binge or trying out a new recipe.

Talia Sabbath

The newest Digital Marketing Specialist has a passion for all things truffle and digital. But before she was curating digital fundraising ads to acquire new donors, she was in Marketing and Communications where she focused on organic social media and blog copywriting. Now Talia enjoys using her skills in the paid media world to help organizations find new support. The former competitive gymnast also enjoys morning runs, hanging out with friends, and cooking. The next recipe on her list to try? Truffle fries!

Aimee Parker

Aimee is a wiz in paid advertising. She gets excited about market research and loves figuring out what makes people say “yes” based on their behavior and demographics. The new Ads Operations Manager believes in the power of paid ads to help organizations reach their financial and mission goals. Aimee’s also passionate about holistic health and wellness. In fact, when she’s not working, she’s probably at a wellness event that involves yoga or meditation. But she also enjoys traveling the world, having brunch with friends, and shopping.