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Concord Direct is excited for the chance to bring not one, but TWO game-changing sessions to #24NTC in Portland in March 2024! NTC — the Nonprofit Technology Conference — is NTEN’s annual event where nonprofit technology professionals gather, network, collaborate, and learn how we can use technology in innovative ways to improve the world around us. 

But the countdown is ON! We’re racing against the clock, with community input deciding which sessions take the NTC stage — and we want to share how we’ve accomplished some pretty amazing results for our clients with the hopes that other organizations will benefit, too.

Can we rally your support before October 18 for our two innovative and insightful sessions? If you’re all about actionable insights and tangible strategies, trust us — you won’t want to miss out. Read on and favorite our sessions!

It’s easy to share your interest in our sessions with NTEN. You don’t need to be a member, but you do need to sign up for a free account on their site. Once you are logged in you can either search for our session titles or use the links below. Once you’re on the NTC Input page, simply slide the button to make the heart red which indicates the session is on your list of favorites.  

Integrated Impact: An Innovative, Cost-Efficient Plan to Multi-Program Marketing

Your organization offers multiple programs that make a real impact — awesome! Now, how do you market those initiatives in tandem? If these are some of the questions your organization has been asking…

  • How do we market and cross-promote multiple programs in a budget-efficient way? 
  • How do we create and maintain a singular voice while talking to different people with different needs about our different program offers? 
  • How do we get internal buy-in to use this approach?

…this session will answer them all! 

In this candid “behind-the-scenes-exclusive” session, we’ll share how we piloted a novel approach to create a cost-effective marketing program that successfully presented multiple offers to an audience whose needs are varied and layered. 

Our session will then shift to helping participants learn how to implement this approach themselves. Through a series of practical exercises, participants will leave with the knowledge to create an integrated, budget-conscious marketing plan that reaches their diverse audience the second they leave NTC. Finally, we’ll share ways to help participants introduce this methodology deeply and durably into their organizations’ approach to marketing.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to build an advertising framework for multiple program offerings to diverse audiences
  • How to find content that resonates with a more diverse and broader audience 
  • How to achieve durable and lasting internal adoption of a synergistic marketing plan 


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Unlocking the 5 Secrets to Supercharge Your Volunteer Recruitment Online 

Ready to try digital advertising for volunteer recruitment but don’t know where to start? Dive into this session where we’ll share the secret sauce to our wildly successful campaigns — from regionally focused efforts that enlisted hundreds of tutors to help kids become great readers to nationwide strategies that signed up thousands of volunteers to help prepare tax returns for older adults with low income.

We’ll unpack the hits and misses of our digital strategy, from head-turning ad copy to eye-catching creative. Whether you’re looking to supplement your grassroots or community-based recruitment methods or you’re seeking to diversify your existing volunteer base, we’ve got the playbook you need to score big.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to evaluate if digital recruitment is a good fit for your organization
  • How to target ads to prospective volunteers using Meta and Paid Search
  • How to quickly land on messaging that ignites action


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Bring on the excitement, and let’s redefine what’s possible at #24NTC! Favorite our sessions and we’ll eagerly share our breakthrough strategies and results. Can’t wait to see everyone at #24NTC in March!