Concord Direct Raises the Bar for Direct Response Fundraising with Donor Driven Design

Concord Direct

New strategic approach helps nonprofits succeed in better engaging donors, improving gifts, and creating a more compelling offer

Concord, N.H. – Concord Direct recently unveiled Donor Driven Design—a new direct marketing service that uncovers key messaging and improves direct marketing techniques. Derived from complex statistical analysis, the mathematics behind the Donor Driven Design have typically been reserved for the most cutting-edge commercial companies. Until now.

Concord Direct is applying the Donor Driven Design to the nonprofit arena to quantify what was previously thought to be subjective preferences and deliver the mathematically best message in the best way for the best audience.

“Donor Driven Design is a tremendous key for unlocking messaging challenges,” said Steve Rudman, General Manager of Concord Direct. “It allows nonprofits to quantitatively determine what really matters to donors.”

Recently, Concord Direct applied the Donor Driven Design approach to a large state park organization’s direct marketing program. The process revealed insights that enabled Concord Direct to completely realign the organization’s direct marketing renewal series through more relevant and compelling content. The response rate nearly doubled, the average gift size increased 16%, total gifts increased by 11%, and net revenue increased by 36%.

The success was a direct result of the Donor Driven Design approach, as it revealed exactly how to simplify the message and focus on what mattered most to the organization’s donors. The successful campaign was just one example of the positive effect Donor Driven Design can have on a nonprofit’s bottom line.

“The addition of this strategy, and, quite frankly, the recognition of the need for this approach by the industry leaders we serve, illustrates that the nonprofit market continues to evolve as organizations embrace for-profit direct marketing strategies,” Rudman added.

Donor Driven Design is a strategic approach of Concord Direct and is currently available for qualifying nonprofits. For a two-minute video on how the process works, visit the Knowledge Center.

About Concord Direct

Concord Direct is an innovative, performance-driven direct response marketing company. Commercial and nonprofit organizations have partnered with Concord Direct to maximize the performance of their direct marketing programs. Through its Adaptive Fundraising Approach, the firm brings a compelling way of working to drive improved results specifically for nonprofits. Bringing solutions focused both online and offline, Concord Direct has offices in Concord, N.H. and Baltimore, Md. Concord Direct has been recognized both nationally and internationally with more than 50 quality excellence awards.