Concord Direct Debuts New Screen Truepress Jet 520NX, Completes Digital Transformation of Color Print Platform

Concord Direct

CONCORD, N.H. (July 3, 2018) — Concord Direct, a direct response company offering consulting, creative, digital, and production execution, has completed the installation of a new Screen Truepress Jet 520NX high-speed, full-color inkjet press. The press is the third continuous-fed press the company has installed, and its first full-color digital press.

“We are excited to offer our customers the ability to add high-quality duplex variable color and messaging, as well as a flexible, cost-effective means to produce targeted runs to deliver the right message, at the right time,” said Peter Cook, CEO of Concord Direct. “Because digital print eliminates the need to print forms in advance, this will reduce both waste and production lead times for our customers as they plan their mailing campaigns.”

Concord Direct is also equipping the new Screen with a Hunkeler finishing line, featuring a Hunkeler DP8 Dynamic Punch and Perforation Module. This machine provides the ability to add a unique perforation configuration to each mail piece in-line and at full speed. For example, one recipient could receive a simple perfed reply device, while the next could receive a more elaborate reply device with multiple perfed remittance coupons or engagement devices without the expense of a changeover.

“The testing opportunities are endless and seamless,” said Tom Cook, President. “Our in-house strategy and creative experts work lock-step with the production managers who are driving these new capabilities. This collaboration means low-cost and innovative ways for our clients to appeal to their donors or customers and, ultimately, improve campaign performance.”

About Concord Direct:
Concord Direct is an innovative, performance-driven direct-response fundraising company. Nonprofit organizations have partnered with Concord Direct to maximize the performance of their direct-response fundraising programs and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in donations and revenue. Through a dynamic and flexible approach to direct marketing, Concord Direct brings a compelling way of working to drive improved results. Bringing solutions focused both online and offline, Concord Direct has manufacturing facilities located at its headquarters in Concord, N.H. and has offices in Baltimore, Md. and Boulder, Colo.