Concord Direct Celebrates 60 Years of Nonprofit Fundraising

Concord Direct

Since its beginnings as a small New England print shop, Concord Direct has grown into one of the most recognized and respected names in direct-response fundraising.

Though company ownership has stayed in the family (the company is currently owned by two grandsons of the original founder), it has undergone some substantial changes to remain cutting-edge throughout its 60-year history.

Founded in 1958 by Forrest Cook, Concord Litho first started printing greeting cards as a component of direct mail packages for nonprofits. Over the years, the company expanded its capabilities to include designing, printing, and assembling a wide array of package components. Continually bolstering its print capabilities with the industry’s latest technology, Concord Litho also modernized its service offerings. In 2013, Concord Litho launched a new division, Concord Direct, to provide direct response fundraising strategies and creative services to clients.

Late last year, Concord Direct retired the Concord Litho brand in favor of the Concord Direct name, which more accurately represents its service offering. Shortly thereafter, the company acquired the digital fundraising firm Strength in Members [link to press release] to complete their service offering as a true omni-channel provider, and the transformation into a full-fledged agency was complete.

“We have continued to focus on bringing our customers more value beyond our print manufacturing capabilities,” said Peter Cook, CEO. “Over the last decade in particular, we have significantly upgraded our strategic, creative design, mailing, and digital capabilities to offer a truly integrated approach to solving our customers’ direct response marketing challenges.”

“We have relationships with a few of our clients for 50+ years,” said Tom Cook, President. “They’ve worked with us since we began, back when printing was the only service we offered. Now that we offer a full suite of direct marketing solutions, we’ve not only had the opportunity to bring new services to our long-standing clients, but have also expanded our client base to other
nonprofits who work with us for our à-la-carte service offerings.”

About Concord Direct

Founded in 1958, Concord Direct, formerly known as Concord Litho, is an innovative, performance driven direct response marketing company. Nonprofit organizations and commercial clients have partnered with Concord Direct to maximize the performance of their direct marketing programs and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in donations and revenue. Through their dynamic and flexible approach to direct marketing, they bring a compelling way of working to drive improved results. Bringing solutions focused both online and offline, Concord Direct has manufacturing facilities located at its headquarters in Concord, N.H. and has offices in Baltimore, Md. and Boulder, Colo.

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